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  • photograph of picture sat on top of observer books and duck that are in embroidered picture

Oenone 44

New card designs just produced, the pack of four is £8 it’s lovely quality print on yummy paper to send to family and friends.

Please email me if you are interested at:





Wine O’Clock


Tea & Cake





Thank You


The Joy of Friends

Virtual Hug


Love Fun Hope Hug

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  • Headpieces
    When I was a child I wanted to be a milliner and often sketched hat designs. Every time there was an opportunity I would try to make a hat or headpiece for the occasion. As time went on this fascination with hats didn’t diminish […]
  • Metalwork
    I found my love for metalwork during a two week elective in the second year of my embroidery degree. My lovely Uncle then taught me how to weld and this dragon was the first sculpture I made. I was given a MIG welder for […]
  • Embroidery
    I’ve always loved colour and chose to do a degree in embroidery at Manchester Metropolitan University, but I got sidetracked whilst doing my degree by my love of metalwork. So after doing my MA at Wolverhampton in metal and working in metal for many […]
  • Jewellery
    Years ago when I was probably a teenager my Mum did some silversmithing evening classes and she made me not only a lovely silver ring with 3 balls on it but also a silver bangle which I loved. This had been missing for years […]

Take a look at my latest work:

  • Birds
    Well you know I love birds but after the flowers and butterflies I just started to imagine all the birds I was seeing in the garden as sprayed copper birds. Some are wall hung and some are standing and some like the Magpies just need to be in pairs “Two for Joy” We all need Joy. Firstly it was the […]


“Oenone is wild and wonderful, creative and colourful..but also has a sense of stillness and sacredness. She created my headdress with such reverence and honour for my feathers and my medicine…and for me! I’m so grateful”

Louise Carron Harris

“Oenone’s creativity, attention to detail and pure style, results in fabulous pieces to be cherished or gifted. The only problem is I never want to gift them!”

Kirsty Vijn

“We ordered a beautiful embroidered puffin for my sister, who is totally obsessed with them, and it’s just perfect! Such a unique piece. She loved it and it’s a total one-off. Perfect as a gift or just a treat for yourself.”

Katy + Elizabeth

“Oenone did an amazing job covering the bottom shelf of my bespoke kitchen island. She listened to my brief and worked with me the whole way to create the unusual surface finish which I desired. It was a very tricky design and I am very happy with the result”

Gina Bujakowski

“Oenone is one of the most remarkable artists I know and her talents have no limits. I have had many pieces made by Oenone and each one is unique and beautiful. Her vision shows endless possibilities. I’m looking forward to the next exhibition…”

Becky Haynes