Silver Initial Discs

Stamped silver personalised disc pendants.

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Dear Katy, I have only just found the comments page on my websites edit page
. Duh
did I sort this for you? so forgetful
Love Oenone xxx

Hi Oenone, I hope you & your family are well? I saw Deirdre Spencer today & was admiring the beautiful necklace you made for her. When you get a free moment could you give me a price for the same sort of thing in silver? I’d like 4 initials M H W & T on one disc but I’d like 2 silver discs on the necklace if that makes sense? Thank you so much, love Helen Good

Dear Helen, I must apologise as I have only just found that there is a comments page on my websites edit page.
The silver initial pendants are £40 each, but i do have some smaller discs aswell which may work well together.
Please message me back if you are still interested. Apologies again take care yours Oenone x

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